WITEC AG - steel cutting, forming, bending & welding

WITEC AG is a market leader in industrial sheet metal processing. We can produce a range of sizes, starting from "S" and ending with "XXXL". We specialise in bending, forming, laser cutting, gas cutting, fine plasma cutting and welding in extraordinary dimensions. Our core business also includes the production of complete assemblies. We have 8,000 m² of production space where we store 1,500 tonnes of steel, stainless steel and aluminium of around 45 different quality levels. This allows us a high degree of flexibility and allows us to react to orders quickly.

Our machinery provides the optimal conditions for producing very small and large parts finished individually and as part of a series.

As an innovative metalwork service provider, we will rise to all of your challenges: we are the supplier for trade, commerce and industry. WITEC AG is the ideal partner for achieving integrated system solutions for vehicle, crane, machine, plant and steel construction as well as across the entire whole spectrum of wear protection.

If you have any questions, please call us on: (+49) 7634 / 50 53 - 0.