1999 WITEC AG was founded
2000 Work begins at the new production hall in the Breisgau industrial park with just 9 employees
2001 Certified to transfer materials in accordance with AD-2000 with annual inspections
2005 Commissioning of an autogenous cutting system
2007 Expansion of the production area by 1,500 m² to 4,500 m²
2009 Commissioning of a plasma cutting machine with bevel cutting unit. Allows bevel cutting with a thickness of up to 40 mm (5,000 x 22,000 mm)
  Expansion of the 3,600 tonne press brake for cold forming bent parts up to a material thickness of 110 mm
  Certified for large welding processes according to DIN 18800-7:2002-09, class E; manufacturer's qualification for load-bearing steel components in the application areas DIN 18 800 part 7, DIN 4132, DIN 15 018
  Introduction of a quality management system (certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008)
2010 Conversion of a laser cutting machine to a 5 KW bevel head
  Acquisition and integration of Sauter Metalltechnik GmbH. Expansion of production to include the apparatus and sheet metal construction areas
2011 Expansion of the production area by 2,500 m² to 7,000 m²
2012 Commissioning of a further laser cutting machine. Possible blank size 5,000 x 23,500 mm
  Commissioning of an additional press brake with a press force of 400 tonnes and a working length of 4,050 mm
2015 Expansion of the production area by 1,000 m² to 8,000 m²
  Expansion of the welding shop by 3 workplaces
2016 Commissioning of a new laser cutting machine. Fibre laser technology enables high cutting speeds in the thin sheet area
  Expansion of the PV system on the roof of the production halls
  Extension of the warehouse to create space for a high-bay warehouse
2017 Commissioning of an annealing furnace
  Commissioning of a four-roll round bending machine
  Expansion of storage capacity to a total of 1,500 tons
  Set-up of 3 additional workstations with a 3D-CAD program
2018 Extension of the administration building by 648 m² to 1,292 m²
  Conversion/re-certification of the quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  Commissioning of a plasma oxyfuel machine with chamfering unit (4,800 x 21,800 mm)
  Commissioning of a wire mesh belt blast machine
  Commissioning of another laser cutting machine. Possible blank size: 3,000 x 21,200 mm