Commissioning a fiber laser

By comissioning a new laser cutting machine, WITEC AG made it possible to cut thin plate more quickly and to manufacture small parts more efficiently...

There are three possible methods for cutting the sheets: laser cutting, autogenous cutting and plasma cutting. This means that we can choose the best possible method depending on the thickness of the plate, from 0.5 up to 200 mm.

In 2016 we invested in a new fiber laser.

Our new laser machine has many advantages compared to conventional CO2 laser machines:

  •     High level of productivity due to the highest dynamics
  •     Excellent edge quality even with thicker steel – no rework is needed
  •     Higher process reliability
  •     Higher productivity due to minimal set-up times and a shuttle table
  •     Highest piercing quality due to multilevel piercing
  •     Minimal contour sizes
  •     Environmental protection through increased energy efficiency