Extension oft he production area in 2016

WITEC AG is growing. Growing in orders, in customers and along with its customers. This requires a constant increase in manpower and the newest technology. And therefore more and more space…

In 1999 WITEC AG was founded with a production area measuring 3,000 m². We have already expanded it three times since then. In 2007, we added 1,500 m², in 2011 2,500 m². This resulted in a production area spanning 7,000 m².

Soon this area was bursting at the seams. In 2015 the production area needed to be extended once again – by 1,000 m². For storage and production, WITEC AG then had 8,000 m² at its disposal. But even this area filled up quickly. The new laser cutting machine, the acquisition of a high-bay warehouse, the commissioning of an annealing furnace, a rolling machine and not least the expansion of the welding department by three workers quickly filled the newly created space.

All these are purchases that allow us to offer our customers solutions from a single source. Fast, exact, with the necessary know-how and of course with the latest technology.