We offer our customers customised complete solutions from planning to production. Our technicians have modern 3D CAD workstations at their disposal, where suitable solutions are developed according to your specifications.

Our range of services includes complete assemblies for vehicle, crane, machine, plant and steel construction as well as a whole range of wear protection. We produce completely assembled and ready-to-install units designed especially for mechanical and plant engineering. We rely on a network of specialised partners to process the surfaces.

The quality of the manufactured and assembled parts is guaranteed not only by our modern machinery, but also by our qualified staff. This was confirmed in 2009 by the Official Material Testing Institute of the University of Karlsruhe, which provided us with the Higher Welding Certificate. This means that WITEC AG is qualified to weld steel structures according to EN 1090-2, EN 1993-1, EN 1993-6, EXC 1 - EXC 3. We are authorised to carry out welding work for the manufacture of load-bearing steel components in the fields of application according to standards EN 1090-2, EN 1993-1, EN 1993-6, EXC 1 - EXC 3, including valid welding process tests for high-strength steels up to S690 Q/QL. We produce using TIG, MAG and MIG.