V-bending, colloquially also just called bending, is our core competence! Together with our subsidiary, we have eight press brakes and a horizontal bending machine. This enables us to use the optimal machine for each bending part to be produced. With a press force of up to 3,600 tonnes, we form steel and metal up to a thickness of 110 mm and up to a length of 16,100 mm. Be it from steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, special materials or wear-resistant steels, we can also form your blanks on a contract basis.

Key data of the press brakes

Machinery and technologyMaximum working lengthMaximum material thickness
1. 3,600 t tandem press16.100 mm110 mm
2.   800 t press              7.550 mm 30 mm
3.   400 t press II           6.550 mm  8 mm
4.   400 t press I            4.050 mm 15 mm
5.   120 t Stierli bender   300 mm 15 mm